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Was the secession of the Confederate states illegal?
23 votes

My answer is similar to E1Suave's, but my interpretation is different. Texas v. White, 1869, explicitly addressed this issue. The US Supreme Court ruled that the Texas secession of 1861 was ...

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Has any foreign embassy ever been entered without permission?
Accepted answer
21 votes

The best known example is the Iran Hostage Crisis of 1979-1981. The people who entered and took over the US embassy in Tehran were not officially representatives of the Iranian government, but it's ...

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In the United States government, has there been cases that electoral colleges don't vote for the candidate the majority of their state voted for?
9 votes

Most states choose Presidential electors based on the candidate who got the most votes in the November election, but not all do. In particular, Nebraska (which has 3 congressional districts and ...

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How do new countries legally and without bloodshed declare themselves independent?
5 votes

To put it more simply: When a new nation declares its independence from a nation of which it was formerly a part, there will be bloodshed if and only if the parent nation is able and willing to ...

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