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18 votes

Did the Germans purposefully arrange to send Lenin to Russia to start a revolution?

14 votes

How did people have access to ice in warm areas before the industrial revolution?

12 votes

What caused the imposition of strict celibacy for Catholic priests during the 11th century?

8 votes

What exactly is this 1795 German "Berichte" Document?

7 votes

Are the quantities of gold that the Roman Empire looted and mined known?

5 votes

Was oratory was considered Hitler's fundamental political strength by his contemporaneous friends and foes?

4 votes

Were new forms of communication and media usually condemned similar to how television/video games are now?

4 votes

Has any country ever voluntarily admitted to genocide?

4 votes

How many unarmed did Che Guevara kill personally or by order?

1 vote

What is the origin of Friedensreich Hundertwasser's surname?

-1 votes

Why has monarchy appeared just about everywhere?