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Welcome to my little slice of StackOverflow.

Not much to know about me - I like writing code, and I like answering questions on StackOverflow/Reddit. I hope some of my answers are useful to you.

Professionally, I work on a lot of software for infrastructure, these days mainly Rust (for real!), Python, and F#. I also have done a lot of work in C++, Java, and C#. You have probably been/eaten/worked somewhere that uses something I've written. If you have ever visited, then you've definitely used something I've written.

Outside of work, I like to:

  • Cook and bake
  • Travel - I'm kind of a crazy traveler. I've done two-day weekends in countries 8000 miles away.
  • Eat - It's one of the main reasons I travel at all. I'll eat anything and everything.
  • Run - A sedentary occupation does not mix well with a love for cooking and eating new things.
  • Learn languages - Currently I'm learning Mandarin. I'm sporadically learning Italian and German. I hope to formally pick up Japanese at some point.
  • Draw - I'm a pretty bad artist, but I still like it.
  • Play video games
  • Play weiqi
  • Program - Mostly in functional languages.
  • Raise Maine Coons - They're my favorite type of cat!
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