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95 votes

Why did Canada not join the American Revolution?

76 votes

Has Britain's 1940 invasion of Iceland been downplayed by historians?

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What were the reasons that the British colonies in North America rebelled but not others?

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What was Finland's position in World War Two?

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Is the Cold War still going on?

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Why, in the US, is Japanese brutality ignored compared with the Nazi brutality in WW2?

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What new technology/tactics allowed the breakthrough of the trenches in WW I western front?

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Why did the British not introduce the sterling in India?

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Where are Genghis Khan's Mongols?

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Oldest Code of Law?

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Why hasn't Russia maintained significant numbers of aircraft carriers?

3 votes

Were Puritans Prudes or Progressive?

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What technological/economic factors triggered the Industrial Revolution?

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Japan is known for being isolationist, so what cultivated its history of interventionism in the 20th century?