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16 votes

What was preventing the populace from progressing in medieval times?

14 votes

How is the discipline of History differentiated from other disciplines in social sciences or the humanities?

13 votes

How effective were longbow archers against plate-armored infantry?

9 votes

Since the inception of the United States, has the term "America" ever referred to something more than simply "the United States"?

8 votes

What was the social status of a man who failed the civil service exams in Imperial China ( 1200 - 1800 AD )?

7 votes

What is the origin of Gladiatorial Games?

6 votes

What advantages have motorized infantry enjoyed over standard infantry besides speed?

5 votes

How compare the rights and conditions of the American slaves to those of Russian serfs?

3 votes

Was the death toll in the atomic bombing of Japanese territory greater than was expected by the US?

3 votes

Where can I find digitised versions of Japanese war documents in original Japanese?

2 votes

Law enforcement vs KKK

-2 votes

How true is the statement "Soviet troops got into Berlin riding American trucks, walking in American boots and using American trains"?