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112 votes

Why, in ancient battles, did being encircled mean defeat?

90 votes

Are there historical examples of audiences drawn to a work that was "so bad it's good"?

30 votes

What was life expectancy in early medieval Britain?

24 votes

Why was Caesar at the Rubicon?

21 votes

Who should be the king/queen of England?

14 votes

How did Edward Misselden become a deputy-governor of a merchant company at 15?

11 votes

How were Roman Legions disarmed/disbanded before entering Italia?

7 votes

Do any Byzantine maps survive?

3 votes

Who ruled India when the Abbasid ruler Harun al-Rashid was the Caliph of Baghdad?

2 votes

Divine Right of Kings: Why?

1 vote

Did medieval commanders exchange words before battle?

1 vote

What's the relationship between Solomon's Temple and Christians?