There are conflicting views with respect to this on the net. Wikipedia's summary of the names of Jerusalem asserts that the name was changed before the Bar Kokhba revolt, and that was one of the cause of the revolt.

Aelia Capitolina was the Roman name given to Jerusalem in the 2nd century, after the destruction of the Second Temple.

(the Bar-Kokhba revolt is recorded at 132-136 CE)

Wikipedia's summary of the Bar Kokhba revolt places, states that the name changed happened after the revolt, as a way of ensuring such things never happened again.

Hadrian . . . re-established Jerusalem, but now as the Roman pagan polis of Aelia Capitolina . . .

Which is correct?

Also, was the statue of Jupiter in Jersusalem (in the holy sanctuary?), constructed before or after the revolt ?

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One of the main sources, Cassius Dio, says that Hadrian renamed Jerusalem, and as a result of this the uprising started:

This source is considered trustworthy in general.

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