In 1948, Israel passed the Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance, which allows it to officially designate organizations as terrorists in the Official Gazette.

What organizations have been designated this way and why?
What organizations have been "unlisted" from it and why?

(My goal is to complete the Wikipedia article about organizations officially designated as terrorists)

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  • Isn't this trivial? Doesn't Israel publish this list? Perhaps I'm missing something, but isn't this a little like asking what stories are on the front page of the New York Times? (it would be easier to consult the New York Times than to ask H:SE).
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You will have a lot of work. There are hundreds.

The full list is published by the Israeli ministry of justice and its in Hebrew(also include those which remarked as unlisted).

  • Please note that not all the organisations titled as terror groups. Some of them titled as "Unlawful Association" and some other titles. Those are not active terror groups but recognized as passive/active supporters(This is my interpretation).

  • It seems that since 2008 organisations that supported financially terror groups could be titled as 'terror group'. I assume that you won't consider them as 'classic' terror groups(They don't execute terror activity by themselves, but finance this kind of acts).

Bottom line:
If you are looking to see all the organisations which are outlaw in Israel according the law of Prevention of Terrorism Ordinance This is the full list.

If you are trying to find which of them is actual terror group in its classic definition, you still have a lot of work to filter them out from this list.


  • Thanks! Are all 372 organizations in this list designated as terrorist groups by Israel? For instance I see some banks and energy companies, maybe some of them are officially designated as "linked to terrorist organizations" rather than terrorist organizations themselves? Unfortunately I don't read Hebrew, is there a column defining the category? For instance when מהות ההכרזה/צו says צו תפיסה I guess it is just a seizure order rather than a designation as a terrorist group?
    – nic
    Aug 31, 2015 at 12:38
  • Column B: Name in Hebrew and, Column C: Name in English, Column D: Transliteration from Arabic to Hebrew letters, column E: Essence of declaration(Terror group. unlawful organisation etc.) Aug 31, 2015 at 14:02

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