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Were hag stones ever engraved?

I found a hag stone the other day and am planning on stringing it as an amulet. My research indicates such amulets were in use over much of Europe, particularly Western Europe, as well as Egypt and ...
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Does anyone know anything on the history or any other information on this dagger? [closed]

(click to enlarge) Looking for information on this dagger: its history, value or anything anyone can provide.
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When is Samonios in comparison to the Gregorian calendar?

I am researching and comparing ancient calendars, and am currently working on the Celtic calendar right now. In my research, I have found sites, specifically Wikipedia, claiming the month of Samonios ...
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What was the societal structure of Celtic culture in the Hallstatt period? [closed]

What was the societal structure of Celtic culture in the Hallstatt period? There does not seem to be much information online about this. My preliminary research consists of looking on Wikipedia for ...
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Are there any sources on the Tempestarii?

The Tempestarii were weather mages in the Frankish Empire Recorded and were recorded on by Agobard of Lyons. I read the text he wrote on them but I cannot find other texts on them that go into more ...
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When did druids become widely accepted as 'shapeshifters'?

Anecdotally, if you ask anybody what a druid is, or what a druid does, many will say they are mythological shapeshifters that are tuned with nature. Druids were, in fact, political advisors and ...
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Did the Welsh ever call Britain Albion?

I understand that the word exists in Welsh, but that it's a modern loanword from Gaelic referring to Scotland. Albion first appears in ancient Greek accounts along with Ierne as being part of the ...
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