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What office or status did these individuals hold in Roman-Britain based on their attire?

I saw this Roman period wall painting in The Dorset County Museum. It was recovered from a mid-fourth century mausoleum located in a Roman cemetery from Poundbury between 1969 and 1970. The wall ...
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Would a Roman emperor during Pax Romana be recognised by Roman Britons as a king of Roman Britain?

Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus Take for example the Roman emperor during Pax Romana "Lucius Aelius Aurelius Commodus". Changes of name, Wikipedia His original name was Lucius Aelius ...
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What social response could be expected in the Roman world after a temple collapsed?

I've been reading Ritual Landscapes of South-East Britain (2008, David Rudling). In a chapter on the Wanborough, Surrey Temple complex the author discusses how one temple was built in the late first ...
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Why did so many Saxons emigrate to England?

I read some interesting DNA research recently showing that vikings left little or no DNA traces in the population of present day UK but Saxons on the other hand left a huge imprint. It amazes me that ...
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What would a Roman education include in the years 77 - 85?

In the year 77 Gnaeus Julius Agricola under Vespasian was made consul and governor of Britannia, among a series of military campaigns into north and west Britain he also pushed for various civil and ...
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What Roman legions were present in London (UK)?

I have just come across an interesting article about the Romans in London (UK): Roman eagle found by archaeologists in City of London a Picture from the above article (just to have an idea): My ...
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Is there any historicity to the concept of Ghost Fences / Walls?

A Ghost Wall or Fence is a concept I keep coming across in historical fiction set around the Iron Age or Sub-Roman Britain. Generally, it appears as a boundary made of deceased peoples bones to either ...
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Did the Welsh ever call Britain Albion?

I understand that the word exists in Welsh, but that it's a modern loanword from Gaelic referring to Scotland. Albion first appears in ancient Greek accounts along with Ierne as being part of the ...
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