Specifically, how many were killed/wounded/missing on each side?

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The best details I find concerning the Battle of Plum Point Bend can be found in the book The Naval History of the Civil War,By David Dixon Porter

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The book, discusses the engagement, and details the casualties on pg 167

from a report by the confederate commander:

Our casualties were two killed and one wounded Signed JE Montgomery Senior Captain commanding River Defence Fleet

The following paragraph details the Union casualties:

On the Federal side there were only wounded Commander Stembel seriously Fourth Master Reynolds and two slightly This was a small list of for such a desperate brush and would to indicate rather indifferent gunnery practice on the part of the Federals who their heavy ordnance ought to have the enemy from the face of the water his vessels were of wood and lightly built

Discussion of the conditions of the ships damaged or lost seems to vary among sources, the main agreement being that the ironsides the USS Mound City , and the USS Cincinnati both were rammed repeatedly and retreated to shallow water, and sunk:

The Cincinnati after proceeding some distance up the river sunk near the Tennessee side The Cairo assisted the Mound City to the first island above the scene of action where she also sunk

The confederate ships took assorted damage:

The boiler or steam pipe of one of the leading vessels of the enemy was exploded by a shot from the flag ship 'Benton' Lieut Com Phelps and three of enemy's vessels including the one encountered by the Cincinnati were disabled and drifted down the river A fifty pound rifle shot from the Carondelet passed through the boilers of another the enemy's vessels rendering her helpless...

The confederate ships all were able to withdraw, however.

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