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Questions tagged [abraham]

Questions regarding the history of the biblical Abraham and his descendants and the religions with Abrahamic roots.

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What was Sir John Mandeville's source regarding Beersheba and its chronology?

After men have crossed this desert on the way to Jerusalem, they come to a city which is called Bersabee [Beersheba] which was once a fine city in habited by Christian men, and still there are some of ...
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What conditions have led to Abrahmism splitting into different religions sometimes, but not always? [closed]

What conditions cause the teachings and claimed revelations of certain religious figures in the Abrahamic tradition—e.g. Jesus, Muhammad—to lead to the formation of entire new religions, whilst others—...
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25 votes
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Is there evidence to suggest that Abraham and Hammurabi influenced one another?

AnswersInGenesis suggests: However, the result of recent research is that the chronology of the ancient world is being redated. Hammurabi now appears to be a near contemporary of Moses instead of ...
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