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How much louder was a Napoleonic era cannon than a musket?

I recently stumbled upon this impressive quote about the Battle of Borodino in a video (here at 5:07): "The artillery roared to such an extent that from dawn until the middle of the day we ...
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What are they wearing over their shoulders?

What is the Tsar wearing over his shoulder? I believe this has been worn by armies since the 18th century up to around WW2. I scanned through this article but to no end:
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What was the difference between Hussars and Chasseurs à Cheval in the 19th Century French army?

As far as I can discover, in 19th Century France, Chasseurs à Cheval and Hussars were both light cavalry with little or no armour, prioritizing speed over protection, armed with sabres and carbines, ...
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