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For questions related to history of farming and breeding animals.

Questions tagged with should cover history of one of the following human activity:

  • farming and cropping edible plants, like corn, wheat, rice, fruits etc.,
  • breeding animals, like cows, pigs, chickens, horses etc.,
  • fishing,
  • farming plants that have other use than eating (like cotton, natural rubber) or animals (like sheep or silkworms),
  • foresting and gardening,
  • history of mechanized agriculture, that is use of machines and other devices in agriculture, like plough or harvester (consider adding ),
  • fertilisation,
  • role of agriculture in economy or culture of particular territory in past eras (eg. in ).

Usually, questions should not cover use or processing of the above (eg. tanning, weaving, brewing, milling lumber, training dogs etc.).

For methods of transporting of agricultural products use the tag.