Naval captain Yuri Lisianskii drew a harbor scene in Alaska about 1805. It was engraved in England for an edition of his book.

Engraving of harbor scene

(High-res version)

In the image, from left to right, there are flags flying on a building, a ship, and a fort. The flag on the building is the simple tricolor of Peter the Great that Russia uses today. The flag on the ship is the ensign of the Imperial Navy. However, after comparing to other Russian flags and the flag of the Russian-American Company, I can't identify the third one.

Blow-up view of mystery flag

What's that flag?

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    Hmmmm - isn’t Peter the Great’s flag White ?top stripe, Blue center stripe, Red bottom stripe? Thus picture has the red and blue inverted.... regardless, no idea on the one in question. – Kerry L Dec 6 '18 at 22:14
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    If you turn this flag diagonally, you get the Russian Jack and Fortress flag, which would have flown from 1700-1917. – justCal Dec 6 '18 at 23:03
  • Observations: 1) The rigging on the ships is exquisitely detailed - so I presume the irregularities and brown banks of the depicted blue cross is intentional - suggesting that it represents 4 streams. 2) That's a moosehead in the upper right! Could this be a temporary flag for the Russian American Company, prior to adoption of its official flag in 1806 (the following year)](en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flag_of_the_Russian-American_Company)? – Pieter Geerkens Dec 7 '18 at 3:56
  • Regina Lindholm's design is a curious twin – LаngLаngС Dec 7 '18 at 10:16
  • Great point @KerryL. Sloppiness on the part of the artist (engraver?) could be a big part of the answer to this question. – Aaron Brick Oct 18 at 1:12

The flag is actually Norwegian for those that have lineage tracing as far back as history will savagely date the harbor. My grandfather served the United States Marine Corp Reserves and will tell you that the flag is Norway. My other grandfather served the U.S. Army and is archived in history within the University in Fairbanks. He was Norwegian and his father was full Norwegian. He was born in 1918. My ex fiance's family who recently passed that lived there, was from Sweden as was my grandmother's family. My great grandfather who came from the UK after serving in Her Majesties Royal Armed Forces was born in 1893 and he married my great grandmother and they lived there as well. I am from "Koniag" i.e. Kodiak i.e. Kadiaq/Kadiak whenever people decide to make their mind up. Thank God the airport code remains ADQ no matter what they call home. But that flag is Finland met Norway. That said, there is probably some royal blood in the lineage and no one has completely traced it out. I'm submitting DNA samples for mine. I've traced it as far back to the 1300's on one side. I'm working the other side and its Finlandian. And so is the flag you're questioning. Finland isn't very cooperative in discussing history because they are essentially a governing subsidiary of Sweden. And that hurts their pride just a little bit. Everybody knows that flag is Finland and Finland knew it was Finland but they will relive their experience if they discuss it and because their pride needs a bandaid bigger than Johnson's they won't admit it. (quiet chuckle)

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    Welcome to History.SE! There's a good answer to the question in here somewhere, but it's buried under a lot of irrelevant information. Your family history has nothing to do with the question, and neither does whatever it you're trying to say about Finland at the end of your answer. All we need to know is which territory that flag belongs to, and what your evidence is for believing that. – F1Krazy Oct 14 at 9:41
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    Since Norway used the Danish flag until 1814 and the first flag of Finland was designed in 1848, both will most likely have nothing to do with flag painted in 1805 in Alaska. – Mark Johnson Oct 14 at 9:54
  • I could as readily claim that the flag is Fries because it has all the same colours and my family is from Friesland. There appears to be no actual semantic content at all in this answer. – Pieter Geerkens Oct 14 at 13:12

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