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When was the concept of electoral districts / constituencies with their own borders (as opposed to pre-existing towns/counties) invented?

Motivation I am currently researching the electoral redistricting process, and I wondered when districting (as opposed to at-large systems, and slightly different than simple local representation) ...
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How did encasillado work?

El Turno Pacifico alternated Conservative and Liberal rule of Spain during the Bourbon restoration. There were elections, but the practice of encasillado ensured "the outcome of elections was ...
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Have there been any lawsuits over gerrymandering outside the United States?

In countries that use first-past-the-post legislative elections, drawing district maps that have political effects is called Gerrymandering. It is famously seen as shameless but nearly impossible to ...
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How did the election of one-third of Senators every two years stay in sync with addition of new states?

The Constitution says: The Senate of the United States shall be composed of two Senators from each State, chosen by the Legislature thereof, for six Years. Immediately after they shall be ...
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Was Hitler ever a member of the Reichstag?

Pretty much what the title says. Hitler apparently wasn't noted for any parliamentary activity; either he was never a member of the Reichstag (MR), or he was a quite non-notable MR. Ballots of the ...
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Were UK Parliamentary constituencies ever altered before 1832?

Seats in the House of Commons orginally represented boroughs and towns. The Parliamentary Boundaries Act 1832 altered the district map by eliminating some boroughs and changing the number of seats in ...
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History of ways of choosing members of the electoral college

The Constitution of the United States Article II, Section 1, second paragraph, says: Each State shall appoint, in such Manner as the Legislature thereof may direct, a Number of Electors, equal to ...
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System of Government where the Same Family Cannot Inherit

I have been trying to find evidence of a system of government where one of the principles it works on would be to hinder the creation of effective political families (thereby allowing people to ...
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How many citizens were in each century of the Roman electoral system?

The Centuriate assembly (Comicia centuriata) was arguably the most important assembly of the Roman republic. It was in charge of electing consuls, praetors and censors, of voting laws, declaring war ...
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