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Wales is a country that is part of the United Kingdom, on the western side of the island of Great Britain.

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Who held the land (and from whom) around Pilleth, Wales at the time of the Battle of Brynglas 1402?

This settlement in the Marches was the site of a battle in which Owain Glyndwr was the victor. There is a small church and a holy well that was a focus for pilgrims. I need background information ...
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Are the Laws of Dyvnwal Moelmud genuine?

I'm not sure about any of the following. I was looking at an old paper called "Neglected British History" by Flinders Petrie, available here. Part of it talks about a document that claims ...
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What is the meaning of the medieval word 'bliant', used to describe a fabric?

There are a number of references to "bliant" in The Mabinogion, but I cannot track the word down using my trusty Webster's Unabridged or Google (I get baby names, etc). Can anyone help? For ...
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What's the origin of the legend that this rock formation in America had a 12th century Welsh Origin?

There is a Welsh legend/myth that America was discovered by a Welshman named Madoc the Great, in the 12th century. His Wikipedia page reads the same but also that there isn't any conclusive evidence ...
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Was Ireland really England's first colony? [closed]

I have a vaguely decent knowledge of Irish history, but I know relatively little of the history of England. I've often heard Ireland spoken of as England's first colony, but surely that 'title' would ...
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Was the title "Prince of Wales" originally claimed for the English crown prince via a trick?

As the son of a proud Welsh woman, as a child I was told the origin story of the title "Prince of Wales" was that after Edward I beat Llywelyn ap Gruffudd at the Battle of Orewin Bridge, as ...
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