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Was there an economic reason for Protestants' iconoclasm?

Europe underwent major economic upheavals during the creation of Protestantism (cf. E. Michael Jones, Barren Metal or Goy Guide to World History). Is this one reason why Protestants upheld iconoclasm? ...
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How did the US Thanksgiving holiday become associated with the Plymouth harvest festival of 1621?

Proclamations of the Thanksgiving holiday by, e.g., Presidents Washington and Lincoln made no mention of the Plymouth colony. When and how did the Plymouth harvest festival of 1621 become a canonical (...
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What happened to priests in Germany during the Protestant Reformation and the wars of religion?

I'm curious to know what happened to them as Protestantism spread. I've researched a little in the Catholicism in Germany Wikipedia page's section on the Reformation. (Couldn't find anything there.) ...
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Why are Luther's 95 Theses seen as so important?

I've learned about how Luther's 95 Theses were extremely important to the Protestant Reformation and how they really defined the beginnings of Protestantism. According to's article on "...
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How did the Swedish soldiers pray during the Thirty Years' War? [closed]

During the Thirty Years' War, how did the Swedish soldiers (for instance, the pike-men) pray to get mentally relaxed or to feel more powerful or to get prepared before a battle? Which prayers did ...
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Did the Reformation have any impact in Orthodox countries?

The Protestant Reformation turned society upside down in countries under the aegis of the Vatican, but did anybody pay any attention in Orthodox countries? If so, who did they side with?
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