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You do need to be careful when studying Ancient Egypt, since there are some very ... questionable and ... selective ... interpretations available. In addition, some work by earlier authors (for example Wallis Budge) has been superseded by more recent research. As Budge's Wikipedia page observes: "... since his day both translation and dating accuracy ...


The Ancient Egyptians didn't really have words that quite matched those concepts. Their world-view was very different from ours. Perhaps the nearest was the "hill country" hieroglyph (usually transliterated as 'xAst') which was often used as a determinative for foreign lands. This could also be spelled out, rather than using the single hieroglyph, for ...


No ancient recipe has been found, however Dr. Delwen Samuel has chemically analyzed beer residues on ancient pottery. She suggests ancient Egyptians used malted emmer (emmet which had already been sprouted), which they ground and mixed with cool water; this was added to an equal quantity of emmer wheat which was ground and boiled with water. The mixture was ...


I know this is probably something of a dead thread, but I thought some of you might be interested in a link that I stumbled upon while searching for the answer to the same question myself: Hope this is helpful.

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