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most don't know that the pinky swear is masonic and it's actually two snakes making a pact. if you look close you will see that the 3 middle fingers are the coils the thumb is the head and the pinky is the tail.


Question: Why did Athenian philosophers praise Spartan culture and laws, which would preclude philosophers like themselves? The curious point is that all these philosophers(Socrates, Aristotle, Plato) were clearly products of the open and tolerant Athenian society in which they lived. Athens was not an open tolerant society. ...


The portrayal of Sparta and Athens as complete opposites masks the fact that neither city was one-dimensional. In Athens there had always been a faction leaning towards oligarchy, the prime example of which being Kimon son of Miltiades, who even had his son named Lacedaemonian. Please bear in mind that Kimon, despite his pro-Spartan views, was in no way in ...


This is what real Tang dynasty "pots" (壺) look like: Sources: Left, National Palace Museum | Right, Christies's As you can see, a hu (壺) is more similar to a modern vase than pot. The item in the first image you found isn't anything historical or even an imitation of one. I suppose it is stylistically somewhat similar to this silverware item, which is ...

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