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The island of Taiwan is located off the southeastern coast of mainland China across the Taiwan Strait. The island has been under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China since 1945.

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Can you recommend any good researches on the period of Japanese colonization of Taiwan? [closed]

Just as the title says, I'm currently looking forward towards learning more about the topic. If you know any works that you find fundamental in a way on this topic, I'll gladly accept any suggestions! ...
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Have there been situations in US history or other countries, where a 2 person election will elect A, but by adding a third person, B is elected? [closed]

Has it ever occurred in US history or in other countries, where: Person A and Person B both are Presidential candidates. Say, 60% of people are pro Person A, and 40% are pro Person B Now, a third ...
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How was Taiwan involved in the Thirty Years' War?

According to Martyn Rady, The Thirty Years’ War fought in Central Europe between 1618 and 1648 engulfed almost the whole continent, with sideshows in Africa, the Caribbean, and even distant Taiwan. [....
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Are there cases where a civil war divided a country unevenly but stably, like China and Taiwan?

The Chinese Civil War split the Republic of China into the victorious People's Republic of China and the defeated Republic of China (Taiwan). This split appears to have been extremely one-sided, with ...
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What is the first recorded contact with Taiwan by Europeans?

Apparently every book and website on or accessible through the internet repeats the exact same "they say..." "everyone knows..." story about the first European contact with Taiwan.¹...
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How did Taiwan participate in the International Geophysical Year of 1957-58?

Wikipedia's International Geophysical Year begins: The International Geophysical Year (IGY; French: Année géophysique internationale) was an international scientific project that lasted from 1 July ...
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Why did Sidewinder missiles score so well before Vietnam?

In the Wikipedia article about the Second Taiwan Strait crisis that the USA had provided Taiwan air forces with Sidewinder missiles. During clashes with PLA's air force, Sabre equipped with the ...
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Why do schools in Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea use the Westminster Quarters as school chime?

Today, I read about the Westminister Quarters, the chime used by Big Ben in Westminster, London. In that article, I see this assertion: Most schools in Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea play the ...
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Why did the Republic of China retract its simplified Chinese characters?

The image below shows part of the list of simplified Chinese characters introduced by the Republic of China Department of Education in 1935. They were retracted in 1936, so China continued to use ...
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Besides the US in 1958, has there been a post-WWII show of force by any military in the Taiwan Strait (excluding Taiwan and China)?

CNN's article US Vice President Pence set to inflame China tensions: 'We will not be intimidated' describes an upcoming speech by US VP Pence and the existence of a proposed military exercise in ...
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What is the historical basis for the claim that "Taiwan has always been part of China"?

Since young, I am informed that Taiwan is always a part of China and should not seek independence, and that the Chinese Communist Party will not hesitate to use force to stop the Taiwanese from ...
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