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What was the Gothic language name for Ravenna?

I'm trying to surmise what was/might have been the Gothic name for Ravenna, which served as the Ostrogothic capital for some time. Gothic does have the sounds to emulate the Latin pronunciation (...
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Do we know why the Scythians and Sarmatians were overpowered by the Goths, Huns, and Slavs so quickly?

I'm doing a project on the Scythians and Sarmatians and so I've been reading up on ancient wars involving them and I've noticed the following: So, from around 500 BCE to 1 CE the Scytho-Sarmatians ...
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At what date did the Ostrogoths formally stop ruling as Roman tributaries?

During the decline of the Western Roman Empire, various Germanic tribes that had been settled as 'foederati' or federates effectively took over swathes of Roman territory, being settled in these ...
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In Scandinavia, was there a cultural continuity from Goths to Vikings or were they two different groups of people?

The earliest origin of the Gothic people/culture is commonly placed on the Scandinavian peninsula, in the region of Götaland (in southern Sweden) and/or the island of Gotland (off the eastern coast of ...
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Is this symbol found in Crimea Gothic? Indian? Indo-European?

What is this symbol's history in the West? —Mangup Kale, Crimea To me it looks like the Sri Yantra of South Asia, but Crimea is far from there. Was it distributed during early Indo-European ...
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What was the difference in the Goths between kings and chiefs/tribal leaders?

According to some sources in Spanish, Ariarico was the first tervingio chief (tribal leader), being tervingios Gothic people from the III and IV centuries. And also according to some Spanish sources, ...
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Why were the Huns so successful at siege warfare but the Goths were not?

I am listening to Mike Duncan's podcast titled "The History of Rome" and in it he mentioned that it is kind of a mystery that the Huns were so successful at siege warfare but the Goths were not. Both ...
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Are there any Vandal or Goth relics or monuments in Rome?

The Vandals and Goths ruled Rome for several years after the fall of the empire. Did they leave any relics, monuments or buildings that can still be seen?
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