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Did USSR ever consider invading West Germany during the Cold War seriously?

The answer to the exact question of the OP is no: Soviet divisions never made real preparation for an attack. They have never prepared strike plans on fast-track intelligence (not bases, etc.. but ...
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What's the proxy war that the USSR spent most resources on?

I agree that Afghanistan war was costly, but this is definitely not a proxy war in the sense that USSR decided to attack a country that later was partially supported by the USA, only because it was ...
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What is the original source of this Sigurimi logo?

It at least seems plausible it is based on the original. In 2011, Maks Velo, an Albanian painter and journalist, who was imprisoned in 1978 for "agitation and propaganda" against the Hoxha ...
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What is the original source of this Sigurimi logo?

I've found two sources: FIRST SOURCE: is a photo from an excerpt of a master thesys of a student from Padua University (Italy) discussed in 2021. The photo has been taken by the student herself in a ...
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