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A coup d'état (French: blow of state; plural: coups d'état), is also known simply as a coup, or an overthrow.

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Were there attempts at coup d'état against Nicholas II of Russia?

Richard Pipes in The Russian Revolution mentions that Empress Alexandra disliked Grand Duke Nikolas Nikolaevich (First commander of the Russian forces in WW1), because she suspected him of designs for ...
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Is Wikipedia's identification of Lebed an error?

Speaking of the Alexander Yakovlev's conflict with the hardcore communists, the Wikipedia article says: In the early 1980s, Yakovlev returned to the Soviet Union, and became a prominent supporter of ...
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What exactly do eyewitness testimonies say about Hitler's behavior during the Munich Putsch?

To be more specific, I'm wondering if I can find any primary statements from the people who accompanied Hitler on the street where 16 National Socialists were gunned down by the police; this is the ...
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Why did the German Military and Police not intervene during the years of NSDAP ascend?

I am currently following a free course provided by the Open University which features a brief timeline on the rise and fall of Adolf Hitler. This timeline dates Hitler's entry into politics to 1920, ...
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Did Turkey invade Cyprus to keep the USSR out? Is there really CIA files that prove this for real? [closed]

I have watched an video about the invasion but one of the comments made me think a little bit different. The real reason behind the Cypriot War of 1974 was to prevent the (Greek) Cypriot ...
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Did Reza Shah Pehlavi know about Turkish offer to restore Ahmad Shah Qajar?

Ahmad Shah Qajar, Shah of Persia was deposed in a military coup by Colonel Reza Khan in 1921 and was subsequently exiled. While he was in exile, Kemal Ataturk summoned the Persian ambassador ...
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Has there ever been an instance of a business attempting or succeed a coup?

Has there ever been an instance of a business attempting or succeed a coup? If not then are there any instances of business supporting ''rebel'' forces?
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Were Western (French, US or other) powers involved in the coup against Captain Sankara of Burkina Faso?

I have researched this head of state of Burkina Faso using different papers, wiki articles, programs and French DGSE books to form an opinion on this puzzling character. It seems Captain Thomas ...
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Was Hitler released from jail in 1924 on condition that he ran democratically?

In 1924, Adolf Hitler served only 264 days in prison after his failed coup d'état. Was his release politically ordered? I suppose that the motive could've been that it is better to have him lead the "...
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History of "False Flag" Coups

There has been speculation that a coup attempt that occurred recently was staged or a "false flag" operation undertaken by the ruling party in order to allow the dominant ruler greater power. My ...
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The 2011 Libya action by France, UK, US was supported by a UN resolution - but was it subverted for regime change? [closed]

The 2011 Libya action by France, UK, US was supported by a UN resolution authorising enforcement of a no-fly zone - but is there any evidence that the resolution was used as a pretext for the larger ...
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How secret was the US and British involvement in the 1953 Iranian coup d'état?

A professor mentioned to me that one of the reason that conspiracy theories are popular in Iran (and Middle East in general) was that actual conspiracies involving Western powers against Muslim ...
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What role if any did Ligachev play in the 1991 coup attempt against Gorbachev?

Ligachev was the head of the we-love-Brezhnevism club in the last days of the Soviet Union. Was he at all involved in the bring-back-Brezhnevism coup in 1991? If not, what did he do and say in that ...
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Why did JFK give approval for the CIA to encourage Diem's deposal?

In 1963, weeks before his own assassination, President Kennedy gave approval for the CIA to encourage a group of South Vietnamese generals to depose President Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam. The ...
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Why did Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng receive different punishments for their role in the Xi'an Incident?

Having failed to persuade Chiang Kai-shek to abandon war with the communists and instead unite to fight Japan, Zhang Xueliang and Yang Hucheng finally opted for force and captured Chiang in the Xi'an ...
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