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Did the Czechoslovak Legion commit "war crimes" in Russia?

When Legionaries returned to Czechoslovakia, they were celebrated as heroes, laid the foundation of the modern Czechoslovak Army and were instrumental in the forging of a national spirit. With ...
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Were the "Petlurovites" who took Kiev in 1918 commanded by a communist?

In the novel White Guard (Белая гвардия), Mikhail Bulgakov describes the capture of Kiev in 1918 by Petlurovites as a disaster, and their being worse than the Whites (whom he supported). Yet, history ...
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Why would a rifleman have his bayonet fixed to the rifle in a non-combat situation?

Similar to hand-to-hand blades, I would expect bayonets to be sheathed in a non-combat situation, to avoid damaging/dulling the blade and hurting the people around. However, it appears that (at least)...
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Why did the Japanese withdraw from Siberia in 1922?

According to Wikipedia the Japanese were the de facto leaders of the foreign anti-Bolshevik intervention in Siberia during the Russian Civil War. The other foreign powers pulled out by 1920, ...
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Did the Czechoslovak Legion bring POWs to Czechoslovakia? And if so, why?

In this question, it is established that the Czechoslovak Legion went back to Europe in 1920 merely on US boats along three different naval roads. @Felix Goldberg quotes a master's thesis by Major ...
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Why didn't Lenin improve life in Russian villiages before his death?

I mean, it's universally agreed that farmers in rural areas in Russia suffered the most after 1917. Grain requisitioning during war communism had destroyed the economy in the villiages. Even after ...
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How did Lenin secure his regime? [closed]

As we know, Bolsheviks seemed to overthow Provisional Government easily in November Revolution. Many political parties are inspired and feel like taking over the same way. War Communism also ...
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Are there biographies on Boris Shumyatsky that included his history before 1921?

Zhang Guotao in his memoir recounted his meeting with Shumyatsky in 1921. The then King of Siberia was very busy but managed to treat Zhang with a private dinner in his home. After the dinner, Zhang ...
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How many troops would the White Armies have had at their peak during the Russian Civil War?

A couple of sketchy sources say between 2.3 and 2.4 million, but the books I've looked through are silent on the matter. Nevertheless, the maximum strength of the Red Army at around 5 million during ...
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What impact did Trotsky's armoured train have on the Russian civil war?

I remember learning about Trotsky's giant armoured personal train at school and how it helped ensure he could quickly travel to different front lines and help lead the Red Army. I was wondering if ...
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What measures were taken by the Bolsheviks to consolidate their position? [closed]

What are four measures taken by the Bolsheviks before December of 1917 to suppress threats to their position? I know that: 1)They promised elections to the assembly to be held in November 1917. ...
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How was Germany involved in the Russian Civil War after the Paris Peace Conference?

What was Germany's involvement in the Russian Civil War after the Paris Peace Conference? After signing the Treaty of Versailles, Germany's economy was pretty much in ruins, but which side of the ...
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Where did British troops fight during the allied intervention in the Russian Civil War?

In particular, did they fight in the territories of modern-day Belarus or Lithuania? Online sources such as Allied Intervention in the Russian Civil War, National Archives UK, and saving the war or ...
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How many tons of steel were produced in Russia during the Russian Civil War?

I have a specific question that I'm highly interested in. Did Russia have any steel industry during its Civil War (1917 - 1922)? And if so, how big was it? I know Russia built the trans-siberian ...
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